We understand that getting started in property investment and navigating property investment decisions can be overwhelming. We want to help you make educated and strategic decisions.


DBA’s passion to provide education to help people make informed decisions on property led to their decision to offer free 60-90 minute interactive workshops. After sitting through a number of confusing and frustrating investment property seminars, the DBA team are determined to ensure their workshops are enjoyable, easy to understand and helpful.

Thousands of people have taken part in these events where they have been provided in-depth and straight-forward information about how they can build wealth in the property market. Whether it is a workshop with a major lender or bank, a specialist firm or one-on-one, the DBA team will make sure you leave these sessions with a better understanding of the elements you need to advance your property investment portfolio.


As part of these workshops DBA will talk through the combination of elements you need to consider – from selecting the right property in the right location, to structuring your purchase so that you can maximise your rent and tax deductions while having the ability to expand your portfolio regularly.

In these interactive workshops you can learn about topics including:

  • How to determine the right location
  • What type of property makes the best investment
  • How to maximise rents
  • How a Tax Variation Form can mean the difference between building a property portfolio and only owning one property
  • Structuring your investments to maximise your returns
  • The traps most investors fall into
  • How to avoid getting stuck on one investment property
  • How to build a team

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor, we are sure you will get something out of our complimentary workshops.


Want to find out more?

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