Lured by the Café Culture

Lured by the Café Culture

Popping up in laneways and newly rejuvenated streets and laneways in towns and cities all over Australia is a whole new culture – the café culture.   Once these groovy little hubs were only in the cities but now, driven by the demand of our our changing tastes and lifestyles the café culture is changing the way we work, eat and play.

Funky fit-outs, moody lighting, eclectic interiors, cafes are now places that are welcoming, enticing and decidedly delicious!  They not only serve good coffee that is expertly made my well trained baristas but some are now also licensed so that you can enjoy lunch and dinner in your favorite venue.

The “main street” has always been the heart of any town and new tenants and owners are taking the opportunity to create a vibe of their own as they create spaces that will encourage people to enjoy their offerings.

But none of this is possible with patronage which drives demand and encourages others to also open similar spaces, adding to the ambiance of the area.  In many regional centres this demand is being driven by people new to the area – people who have left their tribe behind in the cities as they seek a better lifestyle and affordable housing – but who still seek good food, coffee and wine as part of their dining experience.

These ‘migrants’ are helping to reshape these towns which are fast becoming vibrant hubs in their own right.    They have an energy that is the heartbeat of the region – one that is feeding continued growth as other like-minded people see all that is available just outside the cities – it’s as if they are seeing clearly for the first time the opportunities that lie behind the shackles of living and working in a big city.

A city where you leave for work before your children are awake and return home long after they have gone to bed.  A city where even a small home seems out of reach, and even if you do manage to afford one – its not big enough for the kids to play in the backyard and there’s definitely no room for a dog.

The café culture is alive and well so this weekend escape the city and check out some of the regional centres close to you – you might just be surprised at what you find.