Whether you are a seasoned investor or just beginning your investment journey, you can follow a strategy used by many successful investors that uses a small amount of equity or cash to build your property portfolio. Over time this can grow to generate a passive income and a significant and secure asset base. And because almost all of your costs can be covered by your tenants and tax allowances, you may even have a positive cash flow right from the start.

Many people hold back from property investment because they don’t have the time, knowledge or the tools to follow it through. This is where DBA comes in. We research, educate, source, project manage and liaise with all the key stakeholders on your behalf to ensure you get a great result.


As part of our commitment to building your team, we can connect you with the independent professionals you need to purchase your investment property if required also.


At DBA we work to get the best price for our clients without compromising the quality or finish of your investment property. Our fees are paid by the builder/developer through a profit share arrangement – in much the same way a broker is paid. This is all in accordance with the guidelines established by the Office of Fair Trading and ASIC.


We pursue our passion – to see people have the opportunity to benefit from the rewards of property investment. We offer a great service based on a proven track record and our core values of integrity and transparency.


DBA will help you determine your property investment strategy in consultation with your accountant and/or financial advisor. We can do this through a one-on-one consultation or through small training workshops or seminars where we give a comprehensive view on property investment.


You can do this anytime by contacting us – you can give us a call, send an email or register on our website.

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