The northern migration heats up

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have released the latest net interstate migration figures – those numbers that indicate the net gain or loss of population through the movement of people from one state or territory of residence to another.

And the great news for South-East Queensland is that in 2015-16, four out of the top 6 regions to receive the most number of new arrivals, are in this area.

Top 25 SA4 regions for net internal migration, 2015-16

The Gold Coast sees the most number of new arrivals at 6,428, closely followed by the Sunshine Coast with 6,200 arrivals. The third and fourth positions fall to Melbourne West, with 5,491 and Geelong with 4,216, and then followed by Moreton Bay – South with 3,991 arrivals and Ipswich with 3,779.

It’s very interesting to note that out of the top 25 regions for net internal migration in 2015-16, 13 were located outside capital cities, but generally in areas bordering the capital cities.

CoreLogic commented on this shift saying, “The data supports the strong price rises being recorded across many of Australia’s coastal and hinterland regions, especially those within easy commuting distance of the major capital cities.”

At the other end of the spectrum, we see those areas that have lost the most number of people, with Sydney and Perth taking the biggest hits to their population base – most likely because of the significant cost of living, and the mining downturn in WA.

Bottom 25 SA4 regions for net internal migration, 2015-16

It confirms what we have often seen in history. When housing affordability shrinks, and employment drops, people move to areas where they can afford housing, find a job, and to locations that offer great lifestyle opportunities alongside housing and employment. No wonder the South East corner is seeing the rise in population.

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